The Laughing Seagull

The Laughing Seagull
O KNJIZI, 2023.

Simon the Seagull, like all gulls living at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, has yellow eyes and a yellow beak, unlike Bruno, the only gull with a black beak.

The seagulls from the island of Mamula are forbidden to fly deep into the Bay, to Kotor, the capital of Boka. Seagulls who think they speak differently live there.

Black-beaked Bruno often goes to Kotor, where he meets with the ancient Mester from the Development Agency who wants to displace the island’s yellow beaks. And to turn the old fortress at the entrance to the Bay into a luxury hotel.

Simon the Seagull falls in love with the Kotoran seagull Ana, whose ancestors remember the Nemanjić dynasty and the era when the coastal town of Kotor, surrounded by ancient ramparts, thrived the most.

In the third summer since the beginning of this exciting sea adventure, Simon the Seagull and Ana, with their chicks, will have to leave the island at the entrance to the most beautiful bay in the world. Someone decided that, instead of a paradise for people and birds, Mamula would become a paradise for super-rich tourists. The seagulls will seek salvation in nearby Herceg Novi, a town idyllic for the life of people and seagulls.


All 12-year-olds who read this cartoon-like novel for adults will read it to their children. And they will laugh! They will fall in love with the main character, Simon the Seagull, and Boka Kotorska − the most beautiful bay in the world—and that love will be lifelong.


“The Laughing Seagull” is an allegorical novel. It speaks of the time we are immersed in and the waves that are coming.


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